Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Plan Ahead

Before you go anywhere or do anything with your wedding, PLAN AHEAD!  Talk to people that have recently planned their weddings, find out what they know, what they want to share and what they wish they hadn't done!  Before meeting with each vendor, research them online and get to know what you want to ask before meeting.  Going in blindly will only cost you money and waste time during your meetings!  If you really want the best way to cover all your basis, start your plans with a Wedding Planner! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- End of the Night (for the guests)

Try to consider what will happen at the end of the evening.  What time do you think guests will start thinking of leaving.  What time is the DJ playing until?  Will you have a shuttle for your hotel guests?  Will you have an "after party" planned for guests who want to continue the night?  Will you provide food for the guests towards the end of the event?  Some people will bring out snacks around 10pm.  Thinking of your guests and how their night will end means that they will have a good time from start until finish.

Happy Planning 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Budget

Discuss and review your budget BEFORE you ever meet with any vendor.  If you only want to spend $100/table for each centerpiece, know that before you meet with you florist and share that with them.  This way you don't end up seeing centerpieces you don't want to splurge on and your florist knows the budget to work with.  It may seem simple but many people will go into a meeting with a vendor and tell them they don't know how much they should spend and leave it up to the vendor.  This is difficult for the vendor because they then have no idea how to plan and then they end up either disappointing the client or overwhelming them.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Contracts

I know this seems so basic but I've seen so many brides fall in love with a site, sign the contract and as the planning process moves ahead they find out they can't have the site ahead of time to decorate OR they can't hang things on the walls OR they have to be out of the site by 10pm when they wanted their wedding to last until midnight.  By that time, it is too late to do anything about it, so you end up having to accommodate the site, as opposed to the site accommodating YOU.  Read all the details, all the fine print and THEN sign.  Some places will even make changes to their contract but they will ONLY do it BEFORE you sign!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- End of Night

Have a game plan for the end of the night.  You aren't going to want to have to figure anything out as midnight rolls around on your wedding day so have someone that will.  Plan ahead of time where your gifts, cards, decorations and any other personal items (toasting glasses, serving utensils) are going to go.  If you don't have a planner to handle this, you'll have to designate someone responsible.  If you do this ahead of time, you'll be able to relax knowing everything is taken care of and nothing will end up lost.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WWW- Wedding Wisdom Wednesday- Timelines

Don't hesitate to give your wedding party a timeline.  Even if you don't work with a Wedding Planner, you should create a timeline for the day and give that to the people involved.  Email everyone about a week before your wedding, not too soon or they will forget about it and not too late or else they won't have had time to review the details.  This way your wedding party will know what you expect for your wedding day and where they are expected to be.  This will definitely alleviate some stress on your part and will make the day easier for everyone!   

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who Really Needs a Planner- Louis & Nataya

Louis and Nataya were married October 1st, 2011 at the beautiful Club at Key Center.  Their wedding was an intimate affair of close family and friends, who all loved them both dearly.  The most love to be seen, though, was between the two of them.  From the minute I met them, they shared this wonderful friendship together that every couple wishes to have with their partner.  Louis was amazing to watch as a very, strong man, who still had the softest place in his heart for his wife.  They had fun with the planning (even as I gave birth to a son during the process) and when it came time for the wedding day they both glowed.  Everyone in the wedding party cried during their vows and just as quickly everyone celebrated their new love at the reception.  Thanks to Larry Spencer of Spencer Photography for capturing it all!  

Q: What made you decide to hire a wedding planner?
A: Louis said having a wedding planner was a requirement as part of the engagement. I have a tendency to over analyze, and become overwhelmed by minor details. Louis felt that having a planner would make the planning less stressful for the both of us. 

Q: What types of things attracted you to each planner that you interviewed?
A: Honestly, we Googled Cleveland wedding planners, checked out a few websites and decided to contact planners based on the look and feel of their websites, online reviews, price and availability. 

Q: What was something that made you NOT want to hire a particular planner and on the same note what was something you found that made you WANT to hire a certain planner?
 A: According to Louis the first planner we met with was “too agreeable” and seemed to good to be true. We decided to hire All Events Planned because Louis felt like Brandi would “keep it real”. 

Q: What was the best thing your wedding planner did for you? 
A: There were so many things... she kept me from going insane by  entertaining several major meltdowns about invitations and chivari chairs. During the planning process she was informative and enlightening. Brandi was there at every step of the process to remind us that our wedding was about what we wanted for our day. When the vision became blurry she was direct and honest and helped to keep us focused while being professional and respectful of our choices
The day of the wedding she was our peace of mind. We never worried or second guessed whether something would be done. 

Q: What was something your planner did that you would never have thought of doing?
A: There were certain parts of the planning I would not have assumed need so much attention. ex timeline. However because of Brandi’s experience and attention to detail our wedding day went according to plan the wedding actually started on time !

Q: Did you feel that your wedding planner was worth the cost?
A: The level of service we received was beyond what we could have imagined. Priceless would be an understatement
Q: Was there anything you would have changed about your experience with your wedding planner?
A: Well, there was this one thing (I'll point out that the ONE thing was me finding out I was pregnant during our planning process and then giving birth to a baby two months before their wedding)........but how that was handled is what solidified our decision in knowing we made the best choice by selecting All Events Planned as our wedding coordinator. Brandi’s professionalism and commitment to her clients is undeniable. 

Q: Is there any situation where you could see why a bride would NOT want a wedding planner?
A: No. I do understand that some brides feel like they can manage the planning process. However your wedding day goes by so fast, as a bride I wouldn’t want to spend a moment of it worrying about details. Even with the smallest budget, a wedding planner is an investment. Brandi helped us stay on track with our budget and helped us save money along they way. Finally, having a planner allows for the bride, groom, bridal party, family and guest to enjoy being part of the overall wedding experience without having to fold napkins, light candles and/or que the DJ.  
Louis and I both agree that selecting All Events Planned was one of the best wedding planning decision we could have made. Brandi is someone that we now call a friend.

Here are a few more pictures of their big day from one of Cleveland's best photographers, Larry Spencer of Spencer Photography.  Megan and the staff at Key Center deserve a ton of credit as they are always so wonderful to work with too!  

Happy Planning! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WWW or Wedding Wisdom Wednesday

One new feature to the blog will be WWW or Wedding Wisdom Wednesday.  Each Wednesday we will feature a bit of Wedding Wisdom.  This piece of advice will be from either brides, vendors or guests and will be listed as something to help make your wedding easier and your guests happier.

Today's Wedding Wisdom is-
Always inform your friends and family that you are hiring a Wedding Planner.  Make sure you let your bridal party know as well.  Explain to them what you are hiring the Planner for and what she/he will be doing and in charge of at your wedding.  This will allow for your Planner to step into your wedding party and be included and listened to, and more importantly, respected as an important part of your day.  When your closest friends and family come together they may not be welcoming or accepting of a "stranger" telling them what to do and where to go. If you give them advanced notice and explain how important your planner is, they will more than likely be just as happy to have her there as you are!  

Happy Planning!