Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I Learned in 2010

Well my wedding season is coming to a close.  I'm sad to say that while I had a busy "regular" wedding season, my off season didn't fill up like it did last year.  So, I end 2010 on October 22nd with a wonderful vintage carnival themed wedding with two amazing people.  I'm excited to start on new adventures during the "off season" and of course, to start the blogging back up.

I always wonder how much information is too much information to share with, well, everyone so I skip sharing info on my clients and try to share information to help you become a better planner or to help the bride, better understand her need for a planner.  This series will do both.

No matter how long you've been in the industry, there will always be things you can learn.  No wedding is the same, no client has the same expectations as another, so you never really "get the hang of it" while working.  You get the basics, but there are never ending changes. 

This year, I'll review what I learned from the new facilities I've worked with, the new clients I've had the wonderful honor of getting to know and any of the mistakes that might have occurred in the planning process.  Yes, I said mistakes, nothing to worry about but definitely found a few things I would have done differently for my benefit, not for the clients. 

First topic will be- "A Bad Vendor is a Bad Vendor"
Look for it soon...

Happy Planning!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Slow Season

Well, where do I even start.  The season is slowing down and my time is freeing up.  What is happening at this point though, is that people who want to get married next year, want to meet now to plan.  So to consider this "slow season" is a bit of a misrepresentation of what is going on. 

Wedding Shows start at the beginning of October and run through February.  If you choose to market your company that way, the timing is fantastic.  I'm not a fan of wedding shows for Wedding Planners.  If you want a Wedding Planner you find one, but you don't just see the service and decide to invest $1000 in someone you never considered having work with you prior to a wedding show.  That's just my call, they may work for others but I'm not sold.  Of  course, anything to get your name out is a good idea, so if you have it in the budget for your marketing, then go for it.

Clients start coming in during wedding season and keep coming through March.  It seems a rush of people get engaged around Christmas/New Year's Eve so you can always expect that rush of emails/calls around your holiday time.  You don't get a break when you are a Wedding Planner, usually the most important dates to other people are just as important to you.  It is your call whether you'll take calls on Christmas Day to book clients though. (I'm joking, sort of)

Another fun thing during slow season is catching up on your books.  That means finally logging all the miles from each appointment, event, rehearsal, networking event and lunch.  It also means finally entering all of the receipts from this year.  If you don't have a professional accountant, get one, this is NOT the time to figure things out on your own as there are too many "myths" about owning your own business and what you are and are not actually able to write off. 

Then there is blogging.  I'll finally be able to catch up on all things wedding.  I've learned so many things this wedding season that I can't wait to share.  I've even changed my ideas on somethings that I thought I knew everything about!  That's saying a ton since I thought I knew everything about everything!

I can't wait to get started, hope you are excited to start following along again.

Happy Planning,