Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What does a "Day Of" do?

You have to sometimes wonder what could possibly come up during your wedding day to justify the hiring of a wedding planner.  
Well, just for you, here are a few things that have come up in the past 10 years in my wedding world.  These are just a few and without a planner, some of them could have turned into minor catastrophes! 


  Purchasing sheet cakes for backup wedding cake when, after cutting, it was realized they were short almost 100 pieces of cake

  Pinning and sewing torn dresses, straps and even shoe buckles
  Giving directions to reception site to lost vendors
  Quickly moving indoor ceremony, outdoors due to rain and then with only 20 minutes to spare, moving ceremony BACK outside at bride’s request

  Reviewing setup to find that certain tables were missing chairs, silverware and napkins BEFORE any guest noticed
  Setup of “Kid’s Area” for children who attended the reception and became bored with the long process of a 6 course meal
  Setting up DVD/TV player for a surprise video provided by sister of bride, who forgot to mention to anyone that she wanted this viewed at the reception
  Locating last minute seating for elderly parent who realizes they are unable to stand for entire service
  Speeding up slow service and organizing an unorganized staff at reception site
  Curl and updo of bride’s hair when salon was unable to create the look she had wanted (I'm not a hairstylist, I am only to be utilized in emergencies)
  Placing wood pieces underneath food tables when (because of excessive mud and weight of food) the tables began to sink into ground
  Guiding lost and or slightly intoxicated guests to the site, back to their seat or to a cab (without anyone noticing, including said guest)
  Last minute call to Limo Company who had provided wrong vehicle and wrong driver
  Waiting at the hotel to escort 2 sets of great grandparents to transportation to the ceremony as well as the reception (after all other transportation methods had left and were unavailable)
  Removing of an intoxicated/disruptive guests without any type of disruption the the Bride or Groom (yes, this is a different example beyond the assistance with slightly intoxicated guest)
  Purchasing specific bread (alcohol, napkins, dessert, appetizer) that Bride/Groom had requested that was found to be not available at the reception site
  Pinning down table linens when an unexpected wind storm occurred (wind was strong enough that linens were blowing off, as well as centerpieces, which were then breaking)   

  Arriving at site to find set up/linen colors wrong and then fixing the entire site before bride, groom OR guests noticed

  Organizing last minute song lists for wedding when groom “forgot” to handle (you'd be surprised how often the groom "forgets" to do things for the wedding)
  Delivery of special items to bride/groom and placement of surprise/secret items and gifts for some of the special people involved

  Calming jittery brides, grooms, family members (this happens every single time)

Do you have any examples to add?  Leave a comment or email All Events Planned.  


  1. thanks for this! i'm just starting out and this is perfect to add to my ever-growing list of things to prepare for.

  2. Moving a fuming mother from the table she hated to sit at to another, which she did not like either and stormed out. Having to convince her not to leave and ruin her daughter's wedding. Psychological training is a big plus for a wedding planner.

  3. Locating aprons, hats, napkins, pots and pans, and large utensils (to bang against said pots and pans) with no notice (another forgetful groom!) so that the groom's attendants could put on a Macedonian wedding tradition - the ceremonial pig dance! Which was to begin in five minutes! (I did know about the pig dance, but these extra needs were never mentioned when we talked about what was needed. To give the groom the benefit of the doubt, maybe he didn't really know - it was his brother, the best man, who asked for the items at the reception.)

  4. Making sure no one told the bride that the groom left the rings back at the hotel...and keeping the bride occupied while he ran back to get them...

  5. Making sure that the bride doesn't know that the officiant hasn't arrived or that her groom and his attendants don't have the same vest and getting the tuxedo company to make an emergency delivery...or making sure that the mother of the bride does not sit at the same table as her ex...the father of the bride...

    Nicole www.lavishevents.net...Metro Detroit Event Planner

  6. Running out to get a backup cake when the delivery driver got in a minor accident prior to delivery (he was ok)...running to Home Depot to purchase trashcans because the community center had theirs locked up and their contact did not answer the emergency day-of phone, before any guests arrived...

  7. Erin, I've had that trash can problem on more then one reception. Maybe someone should look into starting a trash can program for weddings :)

  8. running to the store to buy roses as the florist forgot to include them and had none when we asked. taking apart these said roses and putting them on all guest tables without the bride knowing. (this was just last weekend) :)

  9. Weddings by That Special Touch EventsNovember 15, 2009 at 11:08 AM

    Being a referee between the Mother of the Bride and the Groom. Prior to announcing the Bridal Party/parents at the reception, the Bride's mother went into the men's bathroom after the Groom, grabbed him by the collar and proceeded to make him say that he would be the perfect husband to her daughter. I was able to calm her down and persuade her to let him go by assuring her that she did not want to have this conversation now, and more importantly, if she delayed the start of the reception any further, she may have to pay overtime charges (that seem to do the trick). None of the other guests ever knew there was a problem.

    It was a day I will never forget!